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Lar. Built by the sum of each one of us.

We are the cooperative that employs the most people in Brazil and we take this strength to the world.

Our chicken cuts are allowed to reach over 75 countries across America, Europe, Asia, including Arab countries. In the agricultural area, we bring safety to the countryside with quality raw materials and technical assistance, and strength for commercializing the agricultural production of our members in Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Mato Grosso do Sul. We have been excelling our quality standard for over half a century, always prioritizing ethics in human relations and business innovation.

Our history

When everything started

In 1964, 55 small farmers from Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina got together in the former Gleba dos Bispos, where the city of Missal (Paraná) is currently located, to cultivate the land, raise animals, manage wood, and sell inputs. Thanks to their search for professionalism and vision of the future, the group was restructured in a process that resulted in agro-industrialization, in the 1990s, and in an integrated management, based since 2017 on three jurisdictions: Financial Administration, Agricultural Business, and Food and Supplies.

With continuous improvement, collegiate decisions, qualified leadership, and strong management and fiscal councils, Lar has continued to make history, expanding its business and registering growth year after year. In 2019, the cooperative had a BRL 7-billion revenue.

Our Values


Promoting economic and social development of our members and the community, in a sustainable manner, by adding values to agricultural production.


Becoming the best agro-industrial cooperative in Brazil, recognized by customers for the excellence of their products and services.


– Respect for people and the environment;
– Ethics and honesty;
– Commitment to results;
– Innovation and continuous learning;
– Integrity with suppliers, customers, and the community;
– Belief in God.

Política de Gestão Integrada

and Structure

The unique agribusiness cooperative that most employs people in Brazil.

Lar is managed in an integrated manner by the members of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors, and the Fiscal Council. The representatives are elected by the members and act along with the Lar’s three jurisdictions – Agricultural Business, Supplies and Food, Financial Administration, ensuring governance and Lar excellence all over its network.

Administrative Council

> Executive Board (2019-2022 Management)
Chief Executive Officer:
Irineo da Costa Rodrigues
1st Vice-President:
Lauro Soethe
2nd Vice-President:
Urbano Inacio Frey


> Board of Directors 2019-2022 (Management)
Adriano José Finger
Diogo Sezar de Mattia
Adriana Eliza Matte
José Carlos Colombari
Jakson Demétrio Lamin
Edio Rodrigo Welter


> Fiscal Council (2020 Management)
André Luiz Périco
Vanessa Anderson
Isabela Albuquerque


Remi Conti Christian
Luis Sausen
Alfonso Pedro Eidt


> Jurisdictions
Clédio Roberto Marschall – Administrative/Financial Jurisdiction
Vandeir José Dick Conrad – Agricultural Business Jurisdiction
Jair José Meyer – Supplies and Food Jurisdiction

The third largest cooperative in Brazil, present worldwide.

1 administrative center


1 event center


17 member service units in MS


13 member service units in PR


1 member service unit in SC


32 grain reception units in MS


20 grain reception units in PR


1 grain reception unit in SC


1 seed processing unit in SC


2 soybean industrial units


4 industrial animal feed units


3 industrial poultry units


1 meat industrial unit


1 egg producing unit


1 broiler breeder unit


1 chick producing unit


2 hatching egg units


2 pig producing units (UPL)


3 weaner producing units (UPD)


1 sow producing unit


1 pig semen insemination center


15 supermarkets


7 gas stations


1 Central laboratory


15 grain reception units in Paraguay


1 administrative headquarters of Paraguay


1 transportation company


Innovation and continuous learning are part of Lar Cooperative’s values!

Innovation initiatives are used in our processes, products, and services. We have an Innovation Program with six areas of activity meant to Lar and its members, which aims to communicate and engage our employees, members, and partners. We believe innovation is the continuous search for solutions, development and improvement of our products, the search for cost reduction and process improvements in order to generate perceived value to our customers, employees, and members. Lar’s culture is to encourage the generation and accept new ideas, creating opportunities for improving processes and the work environment.


For the environment, society, and the future of business.

Lar Agro-industrial Cooperative established Lar Environmental Priority Program as a strategy to identify opportunities and also to adopt practices that aim to promote environmental awareness and responsibility, acting in its processes with society.

This program defines indicators with annual objectives for the sustainable development of Lar’s activities, in line with the company’s strategy.

Quality management
and food safety

A Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial possui um sistema de gestão da qualidade implementado com objetivo de garantir a qualidade e segurança dos seus processos, produtos e serviços. Atuamos com programas da qualidade e certificações reconhecidas e implementados em toda a cadeia de produção de grãos, de aves e de suínos.

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