Lar Agro

Efficiency in crops and livestock production.


We work with high quality agro-inputs, capable technical assistance, besides poultry production, pork, commercial eggs and milk.

This is Lar Agro mission. We are responsible for supplying agrobusiness with high level standard of grains and animal protein. We are are always following the evolution and improvement in infrastructure, animal care techniques and new equipments.


There are 54 warehouses units to reception and storage of soya, corn and wheat. At the graisn commercialization time we offer the confidence that the farmers need in agricultural business. Besides, there are also two crushing plants and soy industries, located in Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná State, aiming better grains improvements.


Follow the fluctuations in the value of currency and grains market:

Agricultural Quotes

Unit Product Date Quote End
PRECO GERAL PARANA - PR Soja 20/04/2021 R$ 0,00 SC R$ 160,00 SC
PRECO GERAL PARANA - PR Milho 20/04/2021 R$ 0,00 SC R$ 93,00 SC
PRECO GERAL PARANA - PR Trigo 20/04/2021 R$ 0,00 SC R$ 88,00 SC

Preços válidos para PRECO GERAL PARANA - PR
*Na parte da manhã, os preços são válidos até as 12 horas, horário de Brasília.
*Na parte da tarde, os preços são válidos até as 15 horas, horário de Brasília.

CBOT Soybeans Quotes

Period Product Variation Maximum Last Minimum Start
Maio 2021 Soja NY Futuros Contratos 6.6% 1480.6 1478.6 1473.4 1475

Fonte: Soybean Futures Quotes - CME Group

Weather forecast

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Chuva: 0 mm
Umidade: 60 %

Sol com algumas nuvens. Não chove.



Chuva: 0 mm
Umidade: 57 %

Sol com algumas nuvens. Não chove.



Chuva: 0 mm
Umidade: 59 %

Sol com algumas nuvens. Não chove.



Chuva: 10 mm
Umidade: 64 %

Sol com algumas nuvens. Não chove.



Chuva: 25 mm
Umidade: 62 %

Sol com muitas nuvens durante o dia. Períodos de nublado, com chuva a qualquer hora.



Chuva: 0 mm
Umidade: 88 %

Sol o dia todo sem nuvens no céu. Noite de tempo aberto ainda sem nuvens.



Chuva: 0 mm
Umidade: 94 %

Sol o dia todo sem nuvens no céu. Noite de tempo aberto ainda sem nuvens.


Our 31 offices provide farmers with seeds with accurate genetic loads, in addition to fertilizers, correctives, micronutrients and chemical products that increase productivity per cultivated area. In each unit and in the fields, our technical team is available to answer questions and recommend the most appropriate management to achieve the best productivity.


Feed Industries

There are five feed industries, located in Medianeira, Santa Helena, São Miguel do Iguaçu and Rolândia town in Paraná State and also Maracaju in Mato Grosso do Sul, are responsible for producing 98 thousand tons / month, supplying the broiler and laying poultry, the swine and cattle farming. In all, we feed 900 thousand animals a day, in addition to the feed market in bags of 10 to 40 kg.

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