Lar Agro

Efficiency in crops and livestock production.


Make small rural properties successful through poultry, pig farming, commercial eggs, and milk.

The reason of our livestock is to bring diversification to maintain a sustainable production in the countryside. We are responsible for producing quality food, offering technical assistance, and quality raw material to our members. We have always been improving to maintain productive efficiency and competitiveness in our livestock activities.


Record production volumes in line with international requirements.

We are constantly evolving and always improving livestock management and production techniques, keeping the quality standard that meets all requirements.

All this work and investments on agricultural production made Lar the 3rd largest cooperative in Paraná regarding revenue, and the 121st place in sales among the 500 largest cooperatives in the country, according to Exame magazine.


Broiler industry with reference standard

Our poultry production has widely recognized quality with Global Gap export standard. Currently, there are more than two thousand broiler farms located in the West and North of Paraná. The challenge of implementing poultry farming in a hot climate region started in 1999 and since then the Cooperative has expanded its production, always guaranteeing quality and biosecurity. Today, we are part of the whole production chain, from the production of chicks to slaughter. Prioritizing animal welfare and all the necessary care for our employees’ health, our three refrigeration plants are responsible for the slaughter of more than 700 thousand birds/day.


Pioneer pig farming

LAR’s own pig production began in 1988, with the creation of the first Sows Production Unit. Today, there are 30,000 sows that correspond to around 700,000 pigs per year.
In our ISO 9001 standard units, we optimize workforce and guarantee excellent results. We are ready to expand even further, improving measures for food biosafety, traceability, social commitment, and environment protection with the most modern equipment and structure. The animals are sent for slaughter at Central Frimesa.

Egg production

One of the only companies in Brazil with SISBI (Sanitary Inspection of Products of Animal Origin) registration.

LAR egg production system has an adequate vaccination schedule and follows hygienic-sanitary standards. We are certified by BPPA – Good Agricultural Production Practices, in addition to SISBI – Brazilian System for Sanitary Inspection of Products of Animal Origin.
Today, we allocate 6 million eggs per month to the domestic market, with the participation of 54 producers.


A total of 61 thousand liters of milk a day.

Supported by Frimesa company, Lar opened one more branch to give safety and financial stability to small producers.
Environments with adequate hygiene conditions, milking mechanization, cooling standardization, transportation safety, and genetic improvements with the importation of Uruguayan cows have brought even more excellence to the consumer’s table.

Digital Lar App.

You and your family even closer to Lar.

Customers, employees, and associated family can now take advantage of another tool from Lar Cooperative. It is possible to access your account, agricultural, and financial production data from anywhere. You can also consult real-time quotes and the benefits of the Lar Card. Download it on your phone accessing the application store of your operating system.