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Lar Agro-Industrial Cooperative created this space to welcome customers’ spontaneous manifestations and serve them with professionalism. This is a direct channel between Lar Agro-Industrial Cooperative and you!


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    Customer Service Center

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    Questions and answers – Customer Service Center

    • I made a registration on Reclameaqui website, does the company access it?

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    • After registering my manifestation (suggestion, complaint, etc.) what will be the company’s procedure?

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    • I bought a Lar brand product and it had problems (broken packaging, product, etc.). How should I proceed?

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    • How long can I consume the product after opening the packaging?

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    • I bought a Lar brand product and it is expired, can I still eat it?

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    We do not recommend the consumption of Lar brand products after the expiry date determined on the packaging, even if storage and conservation conditions are respected.

    • When I buy a frozen product, can I defrost it and refreeze it?

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    • What precautions should be taken when buying Lar brand frozen products?

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