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    Documents to become a member

    To start the association process and become a Lar member, some documents are required and must be delivered to our units. Check the complete list and, in case of questions, contact us.

    • Photocopy of the producer’s (and producer’s spouse) Identity Card (RG) and Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF).
    • Photocopy of Marital Status Declaration (birth certificate/marriage certificate).
    • Photocopy of State Registration (Rural Producer Registration – CAD/PRO).
    • Photocopy of updated Property Registration (Terra) CRI (Property Registry Office).
    • Photocopy of Lease Agreement authenticated and registered with the Registry of Titles and Documents.
    • Photocopy of proof of residence (water, electricity, or telephone).
    • Photocopy of updated annual income tax return if declared (IR), or list of movable and immovable assets.
    • Photocopy of pay slip (in the case of customers/third-party producers).
    • Certificate of Public Distributor (civil/criminal cases).
    • Certificate of Object and Status of Judicial Records (if the producer has a positive Certificate of Protest or Public Distributor).
    • One recent 3×4 photo of the producer.
    • Credit Rating Agency (Serasa) Report/Statement (Must be issued by the Unit).